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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sheena's First Day!

Thank you Margaret, for setting this up! :)

First of the month. First day of our Paleo Challenge! I'm really excited about this you guys. I'm glad we are all doing this together, though our goals may be different we can share our recipes, struggles, experiences, and results. Remember we are here to keep ourselves, and each other, accountable. Let's have fun with it!

A little extra information on me: I have been at Foundation CrossFit since they opened in Lake City [2007] but didn't get consistent until the end of 2008. Sometimes Andrew asks me to help him by helping newbies warm-up or cool-down. He wants me to get certified, but I'll stick to just working out and helping him once in a while, for now. ;) I am going back to school for nutrition to become a registered dietician so all of this is going to be AWESOME.

Anyways.... my goals. My goal is to eat strict Paleo (no grains, no sugars, no dairy) for the month of February. I had been eating about 80% Paleo the past couple of months so I hope that eating 100% won't phase me. Why do I want to do this? I simply want to experience what it feels like to eat that way. I want to see if there is going to be dramatic results or not-so dramatic results. I want to feel great, look great (aka shed the lovely adipose tissue), and perform great. Right now I have a few fitness goals but rather save them for a later post as we go along. I've taken my "before" picture (which is absolutely optional for you all) and ready to share this Paleo rollercoaster! Here we go! :)

Day 1
Breakfast 09:10am: 1 tangerine
Snack 01:45pm: 1 Braeburn apple
Lunch 03:00pm: 2 scrambled eggs & 1 tangerine
Snack: 08:00pm: 2 tangerines
Dinner 08:45pm: 5 chicken tenders, pan fried w/a little bit of pepper & sea salt, 1 cup of broccoli, oolong tea, & fish oil supps

I'm sure I would've been more hungry after that little lunch at 3 but I took a nap and it was longer than I had expected.... as always! No workout for me today. See you there tomorrow though!


  1. Rad, Sheena! Thanks for being so awesome and helping to motivate me! :)

    Side note - can you add your initials as a label to your posts so we can search by that if needed?

    Ready for day 2...!