In order to be considered for the prize in the end you must give your $20 buy-in to Andrew by Friday February 12th! If everyone buys in at this point we are looking at a $160 prize to the winner! From the looks of it - everyone is still in the running for winning!

Monday, February 8, 2010

General Announcement

Way to go on the first week everyone!  Thanks for being so consistent with your posting!

If you haven't already given your $20 to Andrew, do so by the end of the week!  Thanks!

Tip of the week:
If you are hungry post workout and don't have anything lined up to eat.  Take my advice and go to Rancho Bravo - get their "rice and bean bowl" w/ asada steak and gaucamole and veggies, sans rice and beans (and cheese if you are no-dairy).  Eat it up, but save a little for the morning and add to your eggs for breakfast with some of their house made salsa.  Holy shit - deliciousness!


  1. no one's given me money yet.

    and i'm walking over to Rancho right now.

  2. I thought rice and beans were both non paleo, because that is all carbs.

  3. Absolutely - rice and beans are forbodden! That's why I put it in quotes. I ordered the rice and bean bowl with asada steak, veggies and guacamole but please hold the rice and beans and cheese. They look at you funny - but I'm used to that at this point! :) The meat is so so so good. And you get quite a lot of it.