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Sunday, February 21, 2010

MK 20

1000 Run 8k
1200 2 egg scramble (breakfast sausage, salsa, asparagus, kale, onion), orange, 1 cup almond milk, black tea, fish oil
1500 3 satsumas, 1 piece beef jerky
1800 chips and salsa (whoops!) and guac, fruit salad, pork tenderloin, 1 bratwurst (BBQ!), fish oil


  1. nice! you went running? i'm in need of a good run.

  2. It was a great run! I went to seward park and did some running along lake washington. It went so well I'm considering doing another half marathon. I might just sign up for the rock n roll half. :)

  3. Do it! I know PJ is and I was thinking of signing up, too!

  4. that brings you down to 95% Marge!

  5. @Faye - Awesome, maybe we can do some training runs together. :) I need to work on my hill endurance big time.

    @Andrew - Yeah, I've pretty much been at a solid 90% for the past week or so - but at least I'm still logging my food, slacker! ;)