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Thursday, February 4, 2010

FMF 04

Making an early post before I forget later tonight...

DAY 4 :)

Sit ups and Supermans
Time: 13:07 (i think? give or take a couple seconds)

2 scrambled eggs with a tablespoon of salsa
glass of orange juice
(2) omega-3 fish oil

12 oz Pomegranate smoothie from Healeo
1 hard boiled egg + salt

Random moment of the day...
16 oz iced black tea lemonade (unsweetened)

(2) omega-3 fish oil
Boneless skinless chicken thigh seasoned in chili pepper, lemon juice, and grilled with garlic & and olive oil / served with asparagus (yum!)
glass of water

and for the rest of the night ... since it hasn't happened yet I plan on eating..
1 Fuji Apple
and 1/3 c. of almonds

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