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Monday, February 22, 2010

SC Catching Up

Shit, has it really been that long since I last posted? Sorry! It's a good thing I have most of this under the notes app on my phone. :)

Friday 12 FEB
IF all day until 10:00pm - 2.5 pieces of chicken from Cinebarre (peeled off breading - annoying!)

Saturday 13 FEB
Honestly can't remember what I ate this day.
05:00pm: WOD (FGB)
10:00pm: mixed green salad

Sunday 14 FEB
07:45am: half banana
01:30pm: mixed green almond apple salad, baked tilapia fillet w/fresh mango salsa
03:00pm: red velvet cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes - my only cheat. My sweet.... sweet.... Valentine's Day treat. Lol. I guess that makes me 99% ??
06:30pm: 1.5 baked pork chop w/leftover mango salsa & apple sauce

Monday 15 FEB
10:45am: 8oz coffee
04:00pm: 2 scrambled eggs, Braeburn apple with a little almond butter (!!!)
07:45pm: WOD (Annie Are You OK?)
10:15pm: Chinese broccoli beef w/carrots, 2 pork short rib pieces, jasmine tea

Tuesday 16 FEB
11:30am: 2 scrambled eggs
12:00pm: 8oz jasmine tea
02:45pm: 3 pieces bacon
07:30pm: bacon burger from Red Robin, protein style = no bun, lettuce wrapped (highly recommended.. they give lots of lettuce)
09:15pm: half shell of strawberries

Wednesday 17 FEB
08:00am-05:00pm: IF
05:30pm: edamame, salmon sashimi, green tea
07:00pm: WOD (5 rounds max reps of push presses & pull ups + mixed Tabata)
10:45pm: half burger sans bun, house salad (mixed greens, roman tomatos, pepper bacon, egg, cucumber), & green tea from Stanford's

Thursday 18 FEB
11:30am: 1 scrambled egg cooked w/coconut oil, 2 pieces red/yellow pepper, jasmine tea
12:00pm: WOD (skill work: L-sits & handstands, 3 rounds of 400m run, 5 HSPU, 10 L-pull ups, 14 box jumps)
03:00pm: burger from Burgermaster, no bun no cheese (sounds so sad! Grass fed meat though)

Friday 19 FEB
11:30am 8oz coffee
03:30pm: beef broccoli bowl from Panda Express (on my lunch break @ the mall and forgot to bring food. I felt kinda sick after I ate most of it. Sad.) - lots of water
08:30pm: mixed green salad, chicken teriyaki, blueberry tea

Saturday 20 FEB
10:00am-3:00pm IF
03:00pm: WOD (4 rounds for time: 400m run + 50 squats)
06:30pm: 2 servings of taco ingredients! (tacos without the shell), 1 glass of wine

Sunday 21 FEB
10:3am-03:00pm IF
03:00pm: 1 banana
05:15pm: left over chicken teriyaki, 1 piece of prime rib, blueberry tea
09:15pm: 1 baked tilapia fillet, 3 asparagus, 1/2 yellow pepper, 1/4 c tomato, Oolong tea


  1. A couple of notes:

    -I've definitely been a slacker in taking my fish/salmon oil. Not sure why.

    -I don't have much of an appetite in the morning but sometimes feel that I have to eat something resulting in ordering a plain coffee. Which probably isn't the greatest idea.

    -My IF sched is kinda wacky.

  2. Wow. Totally thought you were down for the count! Welcome back! :) I'm ALWAYS hungry in the morning - I'm a little jealous of you actually. ;) Didn't know you were doing IF. Looks like you are doing it on a lot of days - is it always planned or sometimes is it just cause you aren't hungry? I'm only doing it twice a week, cause I just love eating too much to give it up for more than that. :)

  3. Thanks! I was just being a slacker on this thing is all. :) You know, I think I don't really have an appetite in the mornings because I'm able to sleep in a little. When I was waking up earlier to go to work I'd always be hungry.

    When I have longer fasting times, it's usually because I'm not hungry and/or I didn't bring food with me. Then by the time I'm able to cook for grab something, I'm not that hungry. I'll have to make sure I have set days for those though - it seems that it works better when it's on certain days, for me anyway.