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Monday, February 8, 2010

AB 5, 6, 7, 8

Day 5

rest = 5 hours

4 hard boiled eggs
12oz coffee
bacon. lots of bacon.
110g beef Primal Pac
1 bell pepper
handful of macadamia
2 hard boiled eggs
SLG: sweet potato fries, cheeseburger, tomato-basil soup, 

Day 6

rest = 7 hours

12oz coffee
Healeo: coconut almond
1 PURE chocolate bar
Deluxe: blackened tilapia tacos, mac & cheese, ginger beer.
2oz unsulfered, unsweetened dried mango
1 peanut butter cookie LARABAR*

going to try to make my own larabars.

Day 7

rest = 10 hours

bunch of meatballs, meat cookies, broccoli, roasted pineapple + cinnamon, asparagus, scratch guacamole, bbq chicken, bell peppers. 2 mini brownies, a shitty cinnamon roll. 10oz Coke.

Day 8

rest = 6 hours

0800 2oz beef jerky
1030 12oz coffee, scrambled egg + ham
1400 1.5oz beef jerky
1600 handful of macadamia nuts
1630 porkchops + asparagus
2145 Rancho Bravo: asada rice & bean bowl sans rice & beans! + guac
2215 2oz unsulfered, unsweetened dried mango



  1. Asada bowl! Is where it's at! :)

    I want a bite of you lara bar too when you make it!

  2. make the LARABARS at our house, haha so I can try. Just sayin...