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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SC Day 22 & 23

Monday 22 FEB
11:15am: 3 pieces beef jerky
12:00pm: 3 small "cuties" tangerines
12:30pm: WOD (deadlifts + du's & snatches)
04:00pm: salad w/tomato, red peppers, rosemary garlic chicken & ginger mashed yams from Whole Foods
06:00pm: 8oz coffee
10:30pm: Braeburn apple
10:45pm: pork pepperonata - the best batch I have EVER made.. hands down. It was awesome! Oh & salmon oil (yay!)

Tuesday 23 FEB
11:45am: left over pork pepperonata
03:45pm: tangerine
05:30pm: the 'house set' from Kushi Bar (Japanese street food) asparagus, steak, white meat, teriyaki dark meat, salmon, scallop & green tea. I have a picture of this on my phone but don't know how to upload it on Blogger from there. I'll post it on my Tumblr if you wanna see. It was really really good! :)

Last and final week of the challenge. Yippee!

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