In order to be considered for the prize in the end you must give your $20 buy-in to Andrew by Friday February 12th! If everyone buys in at this point we are looking at a $160 prize to the winner! From the looks of it - everyone is still in the running for winning!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

peej day 23

1100 - 2 over easy eggs with a spoon of rice, 5 almonds, 3 pecans, water.
1200 - 1 mile run.
1400 - bowl of spicy chili, water.
1600 - 1 asian pear.
1745 - a couple pieces of beef jerky.
2200 - bowl of sinigang (beef, broccoli, green beans), LAST red velvet cupcake, half glass of milk, water.
WOD - each for time 2k row (10:04), 1k row (5:06), 500m row (2:25)

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