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Thursday, February 4, 2010

SC Day 4

11:00am: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 tangerine, fish oil
12:30pm: WOD - 5k row
02:30pm: Whole Foods salad (romaine lettuce, cherry tomato(s), chicken, red peppers, some olive oil), 1/2 lb of assorted fruit
05:00pm: other 1/2 of the assorted fruit
06:30pm: pork pepperonata, oolong tea, fish oil

Highly recommend the pork pepperonata dish. Super quick and easy to make.

How to Make Pork Pepperonata from ABueno on Vimeo.

How are you guys holding up? Whoever said the first week was tough, was right. Eating healthy is easy. It's the wanting of the "bad" good food and not getting it that's hard! Hopefully next week I'll stop craving ice cream. :) Keep it up!

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