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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FMF 16

Day 16

an active day of REST :)
includes SMR. I watched a video on target points and rolling them out at the gym today. Very informative! It really hurt good while rolling the softballs and pvc pipes on my quads/back/arms.
I also rowed and practice form for 1200m.

700 - 2 hard boiled eggs, water, (2) omega-3 fish oil

1200 - 1 piece of boneless skinless thigh seasoned, 1 pear, 8 fl. oz of water, 1/4 c granola

1500 - Peanut butter Larabar

1800 - water, 1 spoon of almond butter

1900 - 8oz drip coffee w/ dash of cinnamon

2130 - 1/2 a petite salmon, water, (2) omega-3 fish oil

2200 - 1 mini banana + 1 spoon of almond butter

For some reason I found myself hungry all of today. I either was snacking on granola or wanting something to fill me up. Why is that? It's never been like this (not this month, anyway). Hopefully it won't be so bad tomorrow.


  1. Maybe your metabolism is getting faster. More protein! :)

  2. Finally! :) I continually can't believe how much I seem to eat relative to everyone else blogging. I feel like I'm always eating.