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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3rd Week!

Hey guys!

We're in the 3rd week of the challenge. How is everyone doing? I'd like to know more about how you are feeling. Seeing what you eat is interesting and it gives me ideas on what to make myself but let's get more detailed here. You can post in the comments or post your on post and be sure to add in the detail on what % you're at. Here are some questions to throw out there:
  • Have you noticed any changes in your appetite?
  • Do you feel your metabolism has changed at all?
  • Is this a hard challenge?
  • Do you feel different?
  • How is your activity level? Energy level? Fitness increase/decrease/same?
  • Have you paid attention to how you look?
  • Are you happy? (haha)
Feel free to add anything else you'd like to share. We are almost done with the month! Does anybody else feel like it's gone kind of fast, but kind of slow at the same time?


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