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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FMF 17

Day 17

Push press & Pull ups max reps for 5 rounds

Total: 36/35, 33kg

I did the WOD prescribed! yay.

630 - 3 eggs scrambled + salsa, (2) omega-3 fish oil, orange juice

800 - 12 oz drip (1/2 of it only)

1200 - 2 eggs scrambled + 1/2 a petite salmon, water, 2 mini bananas + almond butter

1650 - 10 almonds, water

2130 - 1 petite boneless skinless chicken thigh wrapped in bacon, water. (2) omega 3 fish oil

2230 - 1 pear + almond butter

I feel like i eat so much now. ugh.


  1. Man! You are doing pull-ups now too! Damn, I need to catch up! Nice work. :)

  2. oh oops! haha no i'm not. sorry.. i used the blue band. my bad. i was prescribed for the push press though, that's what i meant! we will get pull ups soon tho! :)