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Thursday, February 4, 2010

peej day 4

1200 - 12 oz. americano.
1230 - Omelette. 3 eggs, spinach, chopped onion, garlic salt. Pint of water.
1500 - 1 cup of snap peas, two pieces of turkey breast (deli cut). 12 oz. americano.
1800 - Garlic salmon salad. 6 oz. salmon fillet sliced, spinach, olive oil, garlic salt, some shredded cheese. Pint of water
2000 - 1 potato chip (Yes only 1! Ask Missy!) 1 piece of turkey breast, 1/2 a tangerine. Pint of water.

I feel like I didn’t eat too much today but I didn’t feel very hungry in between meals. No WOD today. My arm is feeling so much better! Not at full ROM but getting there. It really does feel like a bee stung me. I also grabbed a copy of The Paleo Diet so I’ll be reading up on that and hopefully trying out some of the recipes!

I had a question about the article Margaret posted. I don’t want to lose a lot of weight but I’m not trying to gain serious muscle mass either. Does it matter when you choose to sleep after you eat your last meal of the day?

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  1. Hey PJ - I honestly wouldn't worry too much about when you eat and sleep. That is really for people who really want to refine their eating habits. Mostly from personal experience I don't like to go to bed on a full stomach nor do I like to go to bed hungry - just find a happy medium that works for you. :)

    You probably aren't going to magically gain muscle just by eating closer to your bed time. You'd have to also be eating substantial quantities of protein and dairy for that! And looking at the last couple days of your log - you don't fall into that category.

    What happened to your arm? :(

    And seriously - how the heck do you eat just one potato chip! I hope it was at least a good size one! :)