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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AB 9, 10


rest = 7 hours


1000 bacon, 3 eggs (scrambled in bacon fat)
1100 12oz coffee
1300-1600 a bunch of satsumas, can of peaches, sardines in olive oil
2100 tilapia in olive oil, bell peppers
2300-0000 made a bunch of the chocolate paleo pancakes, fresh pineapple, applesauce



DAY 10

rest = 4 hours (ouch!)
1100-1330 nap


0800 chocolate paleo pancakes, pineapple, Chocolate Monkey tea*
1100 spoonful of almond butter, pineapple
1400 Rancho Bravo: asada rice & beans bowl (no rice, no beans) + 2 sides of guac
1515 Cafe Vivace: 12oz americano
2100 Southlake Grill: chicken burger + lettuce, tomato, bacon, avacado, sweet potato fries
2330 PINEAPPLE! i bought one and cut it up. tropical fruits = insulin spike, but i loooove the fruit when i can get it

* i'm drinking waaaaay too much coffee. it's not a health thing, it's a budget concern. i have all the tools to making my own coffee and tea at home, it's just the prep that gets me. i need to restock some coffee beans and some teas so that i can use the big ass 2liter stanley thermos my sister upgraded me with at Christmas.


did some OHS with Brady. 6 reps each at 20kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 64kg

did some clean & jerks with Marc D. 2 reps at 50kg, 5 rds

for time:
30 muscle-ups

8:49 (?)

eh. my PR for this wod is 5:00. but seeing as i'm not consistent with my work yet, it's good enough.

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