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Thursday, February 11, 2010

SC Day 11

08:45am: 4 pieces pineapple, cherry pie Larabar
12:45pm: Braeburn apple
03:30pm: rice & bean bowl from Rancho Bravo. . . without the rice and beans. So a bowl of meat, cilantro, tomatoes, & some guacamole. (Good call Marg!)
04:45pm: 3 pieces Trader Joe's beef jerky
06:30pm: WOD (CrossFit Total)
09:30pm: banana w/almond butter (I think I may have grown an addiction, yikes)
10:00pm: made two egg omelet w/left over meat from Rancho Bravo and tomatoes but ended up only eating half of it. Oolong tea. Fish oil.

After tonight's WOD, I didn't feel hungry at all. Usually my appetite is there after a workout, especially after lifting but tonight I wasn't that hungry. I got home, showered, got a little hungry, then it kind of went away after I had got done cooking. Kind of weird, but not at the same time. Just thought I'd share!

PS - congrats to everyone who PRed today. It's great to see you all improve!

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