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Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Foodstuffs

FRI 5 FEB 2010
(I'm pretty sure I was thinking about fasting today, but then I got hungry after the stupid workout.)

"Linda" aka "Three Bars of Death"
Deadlift 1.5 BW [100kg]
Bench Press BW [55kg]
Power Clean 3/4 BW [61kg (rx'd)]
[27:xx] I can't remember exactly my time.

That sucked, but I mainly focused on form and took some time to try and get things right.

1830: 1 small Primal Pak, 2000mg salmon oil
2000: 3 scrambled eggs, 4 or 5 slices of turkey deli meat, about 3oz smoked salmon, water
2100: 2 little oranges, 10 or so almonds, another oz of salmon

MOMENT OF WEAKNESS: I picked up a french fry, looked at it, closed my eyes, took a bite, chewed once, realized my error, regrouped myself, sighed, and spit it out. Yea, I know. "Some starch." But I'll save my starch for something that isn't deep fried and oversalted (like a carrot, maybe).

SAT 6 FEB 2010
From 1030 til 2000: I was working on this big thing of smoked salmon from Costco or Sam's club. It was the big ass foot and a half long thing, and I got about halfway done with it. I probably had around 20 or so almonds, and 2 bananas throughout the day too. LAZY ASS DAY. Hella just marinated at home.
2100: 10 or so slices of bacon that I individually wrapped in Romaine lettuce with mayo. Hella low budget. Hella quick. Hella good.
2200: large thing of chicken breast sauteed in onions, orange, red, and green bell peppers, and some sort of curry sauce
0100: 1 large fuji apple, maybe around 6 more slices of bacon, water

SUN 7 FEB 2010
(Tried to combat the fact that I was working on Superbowl by doing an IF. That, and I was too busy at work to eat lunch.)

1800: 3 peices of baked chicken breast with this lemon, caper, buttery sauce on it, and about 7 or 8 sticks of asparagus, handful of grapes
1930: lechon baboy (roasted pig) and 2 large oranges
2300: more lechon baboy and 2 more oranges

Summary of the weekend: pretty decent. I wanted to eat out a couple times, but I knew it was probably paleo-safer to just forage through my house for food. Saturday was tough because it was the FIRST day in MONTHS that I did NOTHING all day. I even got to take a 3 hour nap! What a great day. Friday was pretty difficult too because I bought a bunch of 5 Guys bacon cheeseburgers for everyone in my family, but I decided to pass on it. I didn't want the temptation of the fries if I were to devour my burger. SELF-CONTROL! What I learned is that I need to start decreasing my fruits a bit, and start upping up my veggies. Fruits have been satisfying my sweet tooth, but I think it has been too much. Goal for this week: MORE VEGGIES!!


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  1. I rely on fruit too much too. Good goal for next week! I should have a similar goal.