In order to be considered for the prize in the end you must give your $20 buy-in to Andrew by Friday February 12th! If everyone buys in at this point we are looking at a $160 prize to the winner! From the looks of it - everyone is still in the running for winning!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

General Announcement

Hey all!  Great first day!  Hopefully we'll get a few more people on board in the next couple days.  :)

Just a reminder - try to remember to throw your name or initials into the labels for your post - that way you can easily search and view only your posts.  Will make judging easier too.

Keep at it!



  1. i believe Andrew Valle, Cedric Dahl and Chad Cabingting stated that they also want in on the challenge.

    i also think that this blog should be public.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Cool! I can make it public - I was keeping it private in case ppl didn't want their food choices broadcasted. ;)

    I invited AV to the blog. He hasn't accepted the invite yet. I don't have Ced or Chad's email addresses. I gave you admin privalages, so I think you can invite them to be authors. Or send me their email addresses. Might be nice for me to have their email addresses anyway.