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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FMF 02

Day 2 of PFC :)

4rds of 400m + 50 squats
Time: 21:15

Couldn't make it to the box today so I worked out at Greenlake. Felt good though with the sun shining on my face! Seen a bald eagle perched up on the top of a tree, too. Great day.

2 eggs scrambled + pepper and salt

1 Fuji Apple

Leftover Chicken Zanibar

1 petite steak + broccoli + mushrooms
1/2 small grapefruit

the other 1/2 of the grapefruit

(2) Omega-3 Fish oil

So, that's the end of Day number 2! How’s everyone doing with the challenge?? For some reason I am already thinking about a bunch of sweets and how I need to avoid alcohol (haha i know, bad right?) Anyway, I am feeling good though.. less sluggish... probably because I am actually getting my ass to the gym now. Well, only 26 days left of the challenge! OH, BTW.. who is all putting money in?? Cuz i'm tryin to win, hahaha.

OH and before I forget..if anyone wants to do like a 1 dinner a week thing with me… we can definitely cook for each other. You know, support one another! Hit me up via twitter (@ffarrales) or e-mail ( :)

1 comment:

  1. Great job, Faye! You get a lot of variety in your food - I know that can be challenging! The first week or so is the worst with the sugar, I think.

    I'm gonna have to have a glass of wine or 2 throughout the month or my friends will all think I'm the biggest debby downer. Ha.

    You should post the recipe for the chicken or at least a link to the recipe if it was from an online source. I love recipes. :)

    Good job working out on your own too!