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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just a note: I'll be posting both here and in greater detail (for now at least) in my wordpress blog ( I'll try and post stuff that I read about nutrition and research done on things like IF, paleo/primal diet, salmon/fish oils, etc.

Anyway, my foodstuffs from yesterday:

I started the day with an IF. Since I was coming off one from the weekend (I think it was about 24 hours), I cut this one a little short. I did about a 13 hour fast, but I felt like I needed something to eat because of a slight headache. Also, as you will see, I take a lot of salmon oil.

900: 2000 mg salmon oil, water
1230: 2000 mg salmon oil ,water
1330: 1 large (110g) Primal Pak, water
1730: 1 cup of steamed snap peas, 5 oz. flank steak, water
2000: 2000 mg salmon oil, water, Nuun re-hydration drink (Lemon-Lime!)
2100: 1 small (55g) Primal Pak, water
2220: Taphouse's NY Steak Salad + about 1/4 of my sister's, sans bleu cheese crumble, lots of water
0030: 1 large Primal Pak, some sausage/ground beef from some recently cooked spaghetti sauce

I was really hungry yesterday evening. For some reason I felt like my metabolism was in super high gear. This paleo thing ain't that hard. The hardest part was not drinking with my sister on her 21 run at Taphouse. Oh well. Saved me some money.



  1. Nice! Your sister's 21st birthday was yesterday, the 1st? It was my sister's too!


  2. haha -- yea it was! Cool! Maybe our sisters are twins. Hmmm...